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Such dualism also went hand in glove with the denigration of women, who were seen as more bodily because they became pregnant, lactated, menstruated, and otherwise needed to be more aware of their bodily nature.During the Patristic Period and early Middle Ages, sexuality increasingly was perceived as problematic.I begin here because Christians have only recently emerged from a somewhat anti-sexual period in church history in which the words “sex” and “sin” have been so closely united in Christian thinking that many of the faithful regard them as synonymous.This sex-negativity has deep roots, origins that begin with several early church scholars who saw humans as divided beings consisting of a spiritual part that was good (the mind or soul) and a physical part (the body) that was bad.

I delight in talking about sexuality, engaging sexually with my spouse, reading about sexuality, and walking alongside students as they come to grips with their own sexual identities, passions and convictions.

This is especially clear in the requirements prescribed for various sins in the late Medieval English penitentials.

The penitentials prescribe 10 years of penance for coitus interruptus and lifelong penance for oral sex.

But the same guidelines require only seven years of penance for premeditated murder. Yet our sacred text is filled with stories about sexuality.

Occasionally, when people are trying to ban books from public classrooms, someone reminds school officials how much sex is in the Bible: foreplay, adulterous affairs, polygamy, sexy descriptions of lovers’ bodies, heterosexual and homosexual rapes, sexual frolicking and concern about sacred temple sex in the surrounding culture.

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Courtship tends to be a private matter prior to the wedding announcement by the minister.