Fossils challenge dna in the dating game

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A new study published Wednesday in the scientific journal Nature could rewrite the conventional timeline of early human migration.The study’s authors reported that they discovered a set of 47 fossilized human teeth embedded in the floor of a massive limestone cave system in the Daoxian region of southern China.Behe explains that today's darwinian theory of evolution "is actually a mixture of several unrelated, entirely separate ideas.The three most important ideas to keep straight are random mutation, natural selection and common descent" (p 1). The power of random mutation and natural selection...

Now he thinks the features that are urnreachable by standard darwinian evolution are far more numerous than he wrote in 1995.

“It’s not just the texture of the skin, some of the organics are still there,” said Brown.

The nodosaur fossil is currently being displayed at Alberta’s Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology.

Along with the teeth, they found the remains of hyenas, extinct giant pandas and dozens of other animal species but no stone tools, which suggests that the humans did not live in the cave but were hauled there by predators.

Geographical location and interior views of the Fuyan Cave, Doaxian with dating sample (lower left), plan view of the excavation area with stratigraphy layer marked (center), the spatial relationship of the excavated regions and researcher finding human tooth (right).

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A set of 47 teeth discovered by researchers in a Chinese cave could take a bite out of the conventional timeline of human migration.