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In 2006, Collins made her feature film debut in Take the Lead, appearing alongside Antonio Banderas.

The following year she appeared in Charlie Bartlett (starring Anton Yelchin and Robert Downey, Jr.).

Shane has had a few minor acting roles over the years, and is currently the drummer for the Toronto-based band Dear Love. Adamo Angelo Ruggiero can now be seen on his Youtube channel, The Dot with Adamo, where he describes himself as "an ex-child addicted to T-Swift ballads," proving that even in real life, Marco is still the cast member you'd most want to be friends with.

If you watched Degrassi back in its heyday, chances are you're probably still heartbroken over J. These days, Degrassi's resident bad boy is a self-proclaimed news junkie, serving as producer and news correspondent for the Fusion network.

Cameron envisages a garden-fence government, in which little platoons of concerned citizens, unhindered by senseless regulations and sclerotic bureaucracies, band together to conceive and execute the governance of their own communities.

, AKA, the queen bee of Degrassi High who slayed anyone in her way with her unbelievable sass? That HPV article seems way ahead of its time and VERY important.

Ian Ventham, the chairman of the parish council, told reporters, “It was my wife’s idea to carve it out of stone.Britain’s hundred-and-fifty-five-billion-pound deficit, at eleven per cent of G. The things that fire you up in the morning, that drive you, that you truly believe will make a real difference to the country you love.And my great passion is creating the Big Society.”The program comprises public-service reform (cutting red tape), community empowerment (transferring authority to the local level), and social action (encouraging voluntarism and philanthropy—or, to a cynical ear, getting people to do things for nothing that they used to get paid for).In 2008, pranksters had made off with three signs in five months, and the approach to the town—bisected by a brook that was once used as a latrine—had remained unmarked ever since.Of Shitterton’s fifty or so households, more than half contributed twenty pounds to the pot.

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