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Microsoft windows updating

However, the operating system can still be fetched manually if folks really want it.In other words, if people fetch and install the software by hand, they will bypass Redmond's blockades, and potentially run aground on their hardware. In an ideal world, this wouldn't be an issue – but this isn't an ideal world, and upgrading Windows is never as straightforward as Microsoft would have you believe.For the most part, Windows updates happen silently in the background, only installing after a prompt or when you shutdown your PC.WSUS - Windows Server Update Services Microsoft Windows servers are provisioned to automatically pull updates from local Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) servers.For Microsoft Windows operating systems, customer servers are configured by default to download and install patches as soon as they become available.If you’re not sure whether you have Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installed, open the Start menu, type “winver” into the search box, and press Enter.

If you’re installing a Windows 7 system from scratch, you’ll need to go out of your way to download and install it.The server will also automatically reboot if required.This is done to help protect servers from crucial vulnerabilities before servers are compromised.Soft Layer update servers are located on the private service network with the following location identifiers.Microsoft: wsus01.service.Best Practices Recommendation: Always test kernel or service pack upgrades prior to installation on production server environments.

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If you don’t, Windows Update will download and install the updates one by one–the slower, more tedious way.

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