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The network announced last week the series would not return following its April 7 Season Four finale. Over the course of four seasons, Witwer, along with costars Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath and Kristen Hager -- and recurring guest stars such as Mark Pellegrino, Kyle Schmid, Pat Kiely, Connor Price, Amy Aquino -- have crafted a series with an active social media fan base within the supernatural genre.

But star Sam Witwer wants fans to know is not ending inhumanely. Under the auspices of showrunner Anna Fricke, they've battled expiration, resurrection, transformation, mutation, and zombification.

The pair arrive at the ski lodge only to be greeted by Carl’s ex-girlfriend, Robyn (Emmanuelle Chriqui), for whom he has been secretly pining ever since their split.

Seems Carl and Robyn share not only a history, but a history with that particular lodge.

As the weekend unfolds, all kinds of other secrets come to the fore, and other people come into the picture.

Robyn seems to still have a thing for Carl, or is she more into Sue?

Nora moves in with Josh, Aidan, and Sally, and while unable to see her, convinces Sally to attend her high school reunion.

As the full moon approaches, Nora starts asking Josh things about what he goes through, fearing that she too is now a werewolf.

Aidan tries to keep the peace in Boston by trying to satisfy Bishop's followers with donated blood until Mother, the queen of the vampires, arrives to pass judgement on Aidan and the others.Sally attends her reunion, meeting with her high school friend Stevie Adkins who committed suicide their junior year, and Diane Alcott, the vapid prom queen who died on a missionary trip in Africa.When Diane ignores Stevie, even in death, Sally confronts her, leading to Diane having a revelation and her Door appearing to send her to the other side.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.Being Human is a supernatural drama television series developed for North American television by Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke, based upon the British series of the same name created by Toby Whithouse.

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However, it's not all sweetness and light when they discover that the B&B is run by Carl's gorgeous ex-girlfriend Robyn (Emmanuelle Chriqui), who he never quite got over.

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